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Dr. Aníbal J. Aponte
Sylvia Potter
Managing Editor/Secretary

Inter American University of P.R.
P.O. Box 5100
San Germán, Puerto Rico 00683

Phone: (787) 264-1912, ext. 7229, 7230
Fax: (718) 892-6350, 892-7510
Email: reinter@sg.inter.edu

Vol. XXXI, No. 1-4

ISSN 0360-7917


Emily Allen Williams

Guest Editor’s Note   (HTML version)   (PDF version)


Ann Armstrong Scarboro

Poet Jocelyn Valverde Speaks on Caribbean Connections and the Inner Journey
(HTML version)   (PDF version)

Paula Makris

Beyond the Classics: Legacies of Colonial Education in C.L.R. James and Derek Walcott
(HTML version)   (PDF version)

Carmel L. Haynes

Subaltern Challenges to the Author/ity of the Colonising Subject Within One Jamaica Gal and A Study in Colour
(HTML version)   (PDF version)

Melvin B. Rahming

Towards a Critical Theory of Spirit: The Insistent Demands of Erna Brodber’s Myal
(HTML version)   (PDF version)

Robert Bray

Knowing Grasses: Aimé Césaire’s ‘Cahier d’un retour au pays natal’ and Walt Whitman’s ‘Song of Myself’
(HTML version)   (PDF version)

Simone A. James Alexander

Racial and Cultural Categorizations of Language:  The Evolution of Kamau Brathwaite’s Nation Language in the Fiction of Paule Marshall
(HTML version)   (PDF version)

Phillip Bailey

White Skin, Black Masks: Teaching Francophone Culture in Arkansas
(HTML version)   (PDF version)

Florence Ramond Jurney

Exile and Relation to the Mother/Land in Edwidge Danticat’s Breath Eyes Memory and The Farming of Bones   
(HTML version)   (PDF version)

LaJuan Simpson

Architecting Humanity Through Autobiography: Mary Seacole’s Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands
(HTML version)    (PDF version)

Poesía/Poetry  (HTML version)   (PDF version)

Randy J. Koch

“The Long Night”
“In My Soul”
“The Climb”

Cuento/Short Story

Beverly Nieves

A House on the Beach  (HTML version)     (PDF version)


Henry Cohen

L’île de Monrire by Willy Alante-Lima (HTML version)  (PDF version)