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Back Issues
Spring '76 - Winter '80/'81

Vol. VI, No. 1 (Spring 1976): Caribbean Dependency Patterns $3.50

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, Nationalistic Authoritarianism: The Essence of Neo-Militarism in Latin America.
Roland I. Perusse, Introduction.
David F. Ross, Political Status and Economic Development: Will the Dependent Variable Please Stand Up?
Angel Calderón Cruz, The Puerto Rican Status Question: A Commentary.
Hans-Joerg Geiser, The Lomé Convention and Caribbean Integration: A First Assessment.
Will H. Blackwell, Merry-go-Round, Poem.
Roland I. Perusse, CARICOM: A Critical Evaluation.
Matilde Albert Robatto, A veinte mil leguas de distancia, poema.
Everold N. Hossein, Communication Issues in the Commonwealth Caribbean.
Matilde Albert Robatto, Este inmenso dolor, poema.
John A. Lent, How Independent Are Commonwealth Caribbean Mass Media in the Era of Independence?
Edgar L. Biamonte, For the Love of Yesterday, Poem.
Peter Verton, Emancipation and Decolonization: The May Revolt and Its Aftermath in Curaçao.
Edgar L. Biamonte, Life in Terms of a Day, Poem.
Roy L. Austin, Nationalism in the French Antilles: Evaluation of Murch's Thesis.
Arvin Murch, Black Frenchmen Revisited: A Reply to Roy Austin.
Angel M. Aguirre, Giuseppe Ungaretti: Un gran poeta hermético italiano.
Plus: 1 short story, 8 book reviews.

Vol. VI, No. 2 (Summer 1976) $3.50

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, José Enrique Rodó and Liberal Democracy for Latin America.
María de los Angeles Castro de Dávila, The Place of San Juan de Puerto Rico among Hispanic American Cities.
David J. Dodd and Michael H. Parris, Crime, Class and Culture in Georgetown, Guyana.
C.T. Overman, The van Uytendaeles of St. Thomas.
Ena L. Farley, Puerto Rico: Ordeals of an American Dependency during World War II.
Merle Hodge, Novels on the French Caribbean Intellectual in France.
Raymond Varisco, Balso Snell and Lemuel Pitkin: Dream Visions of Nathanael West.
Mavis C. Campbell, The Price of Freedom: On Forms of Manumission. A Note on the Comparative Study of Slavery.
Jack Ray Thomas, The Chilean Generation of 1842 and the Concept of Latin American Union.
Fernando Pérez Memén, Oposición episcopal a la insurgencia mexicana.
Thomas J. Spinner, Jr., Belize, Guatemala and the British Empire.
Plus: 2 poems, 1 short story, 7 book reviews

Vol. VI, No. 3 (Fall 1976) $4.00

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, Argentine Foreign Policy: History of a Chameleonic Nationalism.
John G. Copeland, Pedro Prado, Gabriel García Márquez y el hombre con alas.
J.A. George Irish, Nicolás Guillén's Position on Race: A Reappraisal.
Miriam de Costa Willis, Arozarena's Black Song.
Gerald Guinness, Brenan's Spaniards: On Understanding the Literature of Another People.
Aurelio Tió, Inter American University: The Past Remembered.
Richard Millett and G. Dale Gaddy, Administering the Protectorates: The U.S. Occupation of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Philip Kelly and Thomas Boardman, Intervention and the Caribbean: Latin American Responses toward United Nations Peacekeeping.
Dorcas White, Legal Constraints and the Role of the Mass Media in a Caribbean in Transition.
Loring Allen, Venezuela's Fifth Five-Year Plan.
Arthur J. Mann, The Burden of Puerto Rican Taxation.
Plus: 5 poems, 4 book reviews, 9 mini-reviews

Vol. VI, No. 4 (Winter 1976-77)

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, Education and U.S. Policy toward Latin America.
Eugene P. Wigner, Our Needs for Energy and Ways to Satisfy Them.
Amador Cobas, Comentarios al artículo de Dr. Wigner/Somments on Dr. Wigner's Article.
Eugene P. Wigner, Response to Dr. Cobas' Comments.
Juan A. Bonnet, Jr. and Fernando L. Pérez, The Energy Dilemma of Puerto Rico.
Ismael Almodóvar and Modesto Iriarte, Jr., The Potential of Nuclear Power for Puerto Rico.
Amador Cobas, Esquema de un plan maestro para la utilización de la energía solar en Puerto Rico.
John J. Figueroa, Introduction--V.S. Naipaul: A Panel Discussion.
Gerald Guinness, Naipaul's Four Early Trinidad Novels.
Consuelo L. de Villegas, The Paradox of Freedom: Naipaul's Later Fiction.
Bernard Lockwood, V.S. Naipaul's The Middle Passage.
Frank H. Wadsworth, Reseña histórica de la Isla de Mona.
Isaac Dookhan, The Gladstone Experiment: The Experiences of the First Indian Immigrants to Guyana, 1838-1843.
Plus: 5 poems, 1 short story, 5 book reviews

Vol. VII, No. 1 (Spring 1977) $4.00

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, Brazil: Giant in Pursuit of Greatness.
Canada, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean:
Graeme S. Mount, Introduction.
Stephen J. Randall, The Development of Canadian Business in Puerto Rico.
Gilberto Arroyo, El sistema de inscripción electoral de Puerto Rico: Adaptación del sistema canadiense de enumeración de electores.
Graeme S. Mount, The Canadian Presbyterian Mission to Trinidad, 1868-1912.
Brinsley Samaroo, The Politics of Disharmony: The Debate on the Political Union of the British West Indies and Canada, 1884-1921.
Frank E. Manning, The Big Brother: Canadian Cultural Symbolism and Bermudian Political Thought.
David Murray, Garrisoning the Caribbean: A Chapter in Canadian Military History.
Glyn R. Berry, Immigration in Canada--West Indies Relations: An Unwelcome Retrenchment.
James John Guy. Trudeau's Foreign Policy and Latin America.
Georges A. Fauriol, Canadian Relations with Haiti: An Overview.
Micheline D'Allaire, Le Centre de recherches caráïbes.
George R. Waggoner, University Autonomy and National Planning in Latin America: Some Implications for U.S: Practice.
Ramón A. Cruz, Centros de servicios educativos: Una alternativa prometedora.
Dayton Y. Roberts, Personalizing Learning Processes.
Herbert Verter, In Memoriam: On the Death of José Ramírez, Professor of Physics, Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.
Plus: 7 poems, 7 book reviews

Vol. VII, No. 2 (Summer 1977) $4.50

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, Selective Morality: U.S. Foreign Policy and Human Rights in Latin America.
Arthur J. Mann and William C. Ocasio, The Determinants of Income Concentration in Puerto Rican Municipalities.
Frank H. Wadsworth and Thomas H. Schubert, Especies adaptables a suelos forestales disponibles en Puerto Rico.
Angel M. Aguirre, El Cántico espiritual.
Aspects of Modernization in the Caribbean:
Arvin W. Murch, Introduction: Modernization in the Caribbean.
Henry Wells, Development Problems in the 1970s in Puerto Rico.
Sergio Roca, Ideology and Development Policy: A Comparison of Mexico and Cuba.
Arvin W. Murch, Martinique in Transition: Some Implications of Secondary Modernization in a Dependent Society.
Jay R. Mandle, Continuity and Change in Guyanese Underdevelopment.
James W. Green, Modernization Theories and the Virgin Islands Case.
Ransford W. Palmer, Implications of the Migration of Human Resources in the Caribbean.
Peter Verton, Modernization in Twentieth Century Curaçao: New Elites and Their Followers.
John A. Lent, In Quest of the Paraphernalia of Modernity: Commonwealth Caribbean Mass Media.
Richard W. Stoffle, Family and Industry: Mate Selection and Family Formation among Barbadian Industrial Workers.
Wendell Bell, Inequality in Independent Jamaica: A Preliminary Appraisal of Elite Performance.
Plus: 1 short story, 4 book reviews

Vol. VII, No. 3 (Fall 1977) $4.50

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, Nationalism, Communism, and Marginal Change in Latin America.
H. Michael Erisman, The Social Origins of Latin American Revolutionary Elites.
R. Norris Blake, Nogales Méndez: Action Was His Byword.
Melanie Pflaum, Requiem for Fernando Esteban.
Caribbean Dictators and Strong Men
John Bartlow Martin, Introduction: Caribbean Dictators and Strong Men.
Louis A. Pérez, Fulgencio Batista (1933-1939)
Luis E. Aguilar, Fidel Castro: Apuntes sobre un caudillo socialista.
Harvey F. Kline, Fidel Castro's Marxist Regime: An Evaluation of the Major Public Policies of the Revolution.
Howard J. Wiarda and Michael J. Kryzanek, Dominican Dictatorship Revisited: The Caudillo Tradition and the Regimes of Trujillo and Balaguer.
R. Michael Malek, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo: A Revisionist Critique of his Rise to Power.
Anselme Remy, El fenómeno Duvalier.
Charles L. Stansifer, José Santos Zelaya: A New Look at Nicaragua's "Liberal" Dictator.
Richard Millett, Anastasio Somoza García: A Brief History of Nicaragua's "Enduring" Dictator.
Judith Ewell, Marcos Pérez Jiménez: Venezuela's Crucial Decade, 1948-1958.
Kenneth J. Grieb, Conclusion: Caribbean Dictatorships and Revisionism.

Vol. VII, No. 4 (Winter 1977-78) $4.50

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, Puerto Rico and Historical Struggles for Legislative Autonomy.
Angelina Morfi, Evasión, reflejo y polémica en el teatro puertorriqueño.
Thomas J. Knight and Jane C. Millar, The Revolutionary Savior for All Seasons in Fuentes' La muerte de Artemio Cruz.
Blanca Silvestrini de Pacheco, La violencia en Puerto Rico, de 1898 a 1940: ¿cambio en el tiempo?
Consuelo López de Villegas, Matriarchs and Man-eaters: Naipaul's Fictional Women.
Donna M. Wolf, Jamaica and the Cuban Independence Movement, 1868-1898.
Héctor R. Feliciano Ramos, San Germán: Sinópsis històrico, siglos XVI-XIX.
Cecilia Karch, Tourism and Public Policy in the Commonwealth Caribbean: "Sweetening the Pot" in the First Development Decade.
Patricia Pacifico, Piri Thomas Talks at Inter American University.
Plus: 6 poems, 2 review articles, 2 short stories, 1 monograph supplement, 3 book reviews, 6 mini-reviews

Vol. VIII, No. 1 (Spring 1978) $4.50

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, The External Penetration of Latin America.
Blanca Silvestrini de Pacheco, La violencia criminal en Puerto Rico, de 1940 a 1973: ¿Cambio en el tiempo? - Segunda parte.
Waldemar Adam, Bioluminescence: Its Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
James W. Wessman, The Sugar Cane Hacienda in the Agrarian Structure of Southwestern Puerto Rico in 1902.
Eduardo Seda Bonilla, On the Vicissitudes of Being "Puerto Rican": An Exploration of Pedro Juan Soto's Hot Land, Cold Season.
Raymond Varisco, A Militant Voice: Mark Twains's "The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg."
David William Foster, Noe Jitrik: Literary Criticism vs. "Trabajo Crítico."
Special section: Antropología Social en Puerto Rico/Social Anthropology in Puerto Rico:
Ronald J. Duncan, Introduction.
Sidney Mintz, The Role of Puerto Rico in Modern Social Science.
Eric R. Wolf, Remarks on The People of Puerto Rico.
William Roseberry, Historical Materialism and The People of Puerto Rico.
Rafael L. Ramírez, Treinta años de antropología en Puerto Rico.
René Velázquez, Julian H. Steward's Perspective on Puerto Rico.
Ronald J. Duncan, The People of Puerto Rico and the "Culturing System" Concept.
Plus: 6 poems, 1 short story, 7 book reviews

Vol. VIII, No. 2 (Summer 1978) $4.50

Eloísa Lezama Lima, José Lezama Lima, mi hermano.
William L. Siemens, Recent Developments in the Cuban Novel.
Barry Nobel and Marilyn McDivitt, English Teaching and Bilingual Education in Puerto Rico.
Special Section: Aspects of Cuba in the 20th Century:
Lynn Darrell Bender and Harry Swan, Foreward.
Erwin H. Epstein, Social Structure, Race Relations and Political Stability in Cuba under U.S. Administration.
Margaret E. Crahan, Religious Penetration and Nationalism in Cuba: U.S. Methodist Activities, 1898-1958.
Antonio Olliz-Boyd, Race Relations in Cuba: A Liberary Perspective.
Alfred Padula, Financing Castro's Revolution, 1956-1958.
Max Azicri, The Institucionalización of Cuba's Revolution.
Constance S. de García Barrio, The Black in Post-Revolutionary Cuban Literature.
Harold J. Lidin, Cuba's Catholic Church: A Glance in Passing.
Harry Swan, The Nineteen Twenties: A Decade of Intellectual Change in Cuba.
Lynn Darrell Bender, Cuba and the Hemisphere: Present and Future.
Special Supplement:
Benjamín Torres, Introducción.
Federico Henríquez y Carvajal. Carta de presentación/Letter of Introduction.
Pedro Albizu Campos, El imperialismo de Estados Unidos: El caso de Puerto Rico.
Carmelo Delgado Cintrón, Epílogo.
Plus: 4 poems, 1 short story, 8 book reviews

Vol. VIII, No. 3 (Fall 1978) $5.00

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere: Venezuela: Wealth and Democracy as Obstacles to Development.
Special Section: Los Taínos
Ricardo E. Alegría, Introducción: Los estudios arqueológicos en Puerto Rico.
Eugenio Fernández Méndez, Los indios taínos de Puerto Rico. Vida y Cultura: Apuntes para un estudio.
Alfredo E. Figueredo, The Virgin Islands as an Historical Frontier between the Taínos and the Caribs.
Mela Pons Alegría, La cerámica saladoide y el problema de su terminología.
Angel Calderón Cruz, La Gesta de Puerto Rico según Juan de Castellanos.
Ricardo E. Alegría, The Use of Noxious Gas in Warfare by the Taíno and Carib Indians of the Antilles.
Lidio Cruz Monclova, La colonización y el indio de Puerto Rico.
J. Sued Badillo, La industria lapidaria pretaína en las Antillas.
R. Christopher Goodwin, The History and Development of Osteology in the Caribbean Area.
Irving Rouse and Ricardo E. Alegría, Radiocarbon Dates from the West Indies.
Ronald J. Duncan, The Taínos as a Symbol of Cultural Identity.
Frank Fernández, An Afterword: Taíno Culture and Its Place in Anthropology.
R. Christopher Goodwin and A. Gus Pantel, A Selected Bibliography of Physical Anthropology in the Caribbean Area.
Plus: Poesía indigenista, 9 poems, 1 short story, 5 book reviews

Vol. VIII, No. 4 (Winter 1978-79) $5.00

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere: Venezuela and the New International Economic Order.
Special Issue: Music, Dance and Theater in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Part I
James McCoy, Introduction.
Robert Stevenson, Music in the San Juan, Puerto Rico Cathedral to 1900.
Annette C. Macdonald, The Big Drum Dance of Carriacou.
Dale A. Olsen, Musical Instruments of the Native Peoples of the Orinoco Delta, the Caribbean and Beyond.
Ronald R. Sider, Art Music in Central America.
Catherine Dower, Puerto Rico Musical Culture Following the Spanish American War, 1898-1910.
Andrew Pearse, Music in Caribbean Popular Culture.
Gustavo Batista, Felipe Gutiérrez y su Academia de Música de Puerto Rico.
Dominique-René de Lerma, The Chevalier de Saint-Georges.
William K. Gallo, Creole Music and Dance in Martinique.
Plus: 5 poems, 1 short story, 6 book reviews, 10 mini-reviews

Vol. IX, No. 1 (Spring 1979) $5.00

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere: Mexico and Its Oil: Still Far from Heaven and Close to the United States.
Special Issue: Music, Dance and Theater in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Part II
Charles Pilditch, A Brief History of Theater in Puerto Rico.
Gloria F. Waldman, Luis Rafael Sánchez: An Interview.
Sandra Messinger Cypess, Women Dramatists of Puerto Rico.
George W. Woodyard, Perspectives on Cuban Theater.
Eleanor Jean Martin, Dos viejos pánicos by Virgilio Piñera: A Political Interpretation of the Cuban Theater of the Absurd.
L. Howard Quackenbush, The Legacy of Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? in the Spanish American Absurdist Theater.
Fradique Lizardo, Dos bailes dominicanos: El Caimán y el Bamboulá.
Nydia A. Ríos Colón, Bailes de Puerto Rico: Apuntes para un estudio.
Donald Thompson, Music, Theater and Dance in Central America and the Caribbean: An Annotated Bibliography of Dissertations and Theses.
Plus: 6 poems, 1 review article, 1 short story, 4 book reviews

Vol. IX, No. 2 (Summer 1979) $5.00

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere: Latin America: Demise of The Democratic Ideal.
Alejandro Orfila, The Cultural Foundations of Development in the Americas.
O. Carlos Stoetzer, Positivism and Idealism in the Hispanic World: The Positivist Case of Brazil and Krausean Influence in Spanish America.
Roberta Ann Johnson, An Interview with Luis Muñoz Marín.
Daniel C. Frio and Marc Onigman, "Good Field, No Hit": The Image of Latin American Baseball Players in the American Press, 1871-1946.
Francis Donahue, Spain's Tragic Voice: Antonio Buero Vallejo.
Maria Nowakowska Stycos, El desdoblamiento poético en Las canciones a Guiomar de Antonio Machado.
Raymond Varisco, The Narrator and the Narrative: Didacticism and Artistic Vision in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man.
Special Section: Music, Dance and Theater in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Part III
Angelina Morfi, El teatro en Puerto Rico en el primer tercio del siglo XX.
Rosa Luisa Márquez, Cuarenta años después de "Lo que podría ser un teatro puertorriqueño" (1939-1979).
Editores, Anotaciones de producciones teatrales 1959-1979.
Plus: 5 poems, 1 review essay, 5 book reviews

Vol. IX, No. 3 (Fall 1979) $5.00

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere: The Cuban Exiles: Gusanos or Mariposas?
John C. O'Brien, Man at the Crossroad.
Manuel Cárdenas Ruiz, Dos Crónicas sobre la colonización de la isla de San Cristóbal.
Anthony Layne, Race, Class and Development in Barbados.
Alfonso López Yustos, Resumen de la historia de la religión en las escuelas públicas de Puerto Rico.
Richard Lee Clinton, El Salvador: The Future Writ Small?
Angelina Pollak-Eltz, Algunas anotaciones del uso del tabaco en Venezuela.
Michael Erisman, Global Guerrillas: Tragedies and Triumphs of Cuban Internationalism.
Monograph Supplement: Charles Toth, Bulwark for Freedom: Samuel Gompers' Pan American Federation of Labor.
Plus: 8 poems, 1 review article, 8 book reviews

Vol. IX, No. 4 (Winter 1979-80) $5.00

The Perplexing Hemisphere: Lynn Darrell Bender
Guest author: André van Dam, México: ¿Otra Arabia Saudita?
Piero Gleijeses, Haiti's Contribution to the Independence of Spanish America: A Forgotten Chapter.
Thomas J. Knight, A Mexican View of Utopianism: Pablo González Casanova.
John C. Miller, Nicholasa Mohr: Neorican Writing in Progress: "A View of the Other Culture."
Nelly Santos, El Contemplado mar de Puerto Rico de Pedro Salinas.
Anthony Layng, Ethnic Identity, Population Growth and Economic Security on a West Indies Reservation.
Ligia Rivera Valentín, La tecnología educativa: Una alternativa por la educación especial.
Arturo Morales Carrión, Recent Research on the Puerto Rican Slave Trade.
Marguerite C. Suárez-Murias, Caribbean Research Sources in the American Geographical Society Collection.
John A. Lent, Mass Communication Research in the Caribbean: Background and Problems.
Mark Finch, "Life and Form in Pirandello's Short Prose: An Existential Atmosphere."
Plus: 6 poems, 1 short story, 6 book reviews, abstracts from the 5th Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Studies Association

Vol. X, No. 1 (Spring 1980) $5.00

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, Development and the State in Latin America.
Louis A. Pérez, Jr., Academic Culture in Colonial Peru: The Founding and the Secularization of the University of Lima, 1551-1571.
José L. Ramos Escobar, Ceremonia secreta: Ritos.
Guy T. Ashton, The Return and Re-Return of Long-Term Puerto Rican Migrants: A Selective Rural-Urban Sample.
Manuel Cárdenas Ruiz, La primera narración francesa sobre las Antillas: El Diario de Navegación de la campaña del General de Cahuzac.
Howard V. Rigg, The Maquila Program.
Bernard Lowy, Ethymological Inferences from Mushroom Stones, Maya Codices, and Tzutuhil Legend.
Lloyd K. Hulse, El fracaso existencial en Camaleón de Fernando Alegría.
Plus: 6 poems, 8 book reviews

Vol. X, No. 2 (Summer 1980) $5.00

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, The Core Interests of the Soviet Union in Cuba.
Michael H. Handelsman, El secuestro del general, El pueblo soy yo y la demitificación del caudillo.
William W. Megenney, Sub-Saharan Influence in Palanquero and Barloventero: Some African Elements in the Spanish of the Caribbean Coast of Colombia and Venezuela.
James D. Cochrane, Latin America and Arms, 1966-1975: Notes on Acquisition.
J.A. George Irish, J.M. Arguedas and Peruvian Neo-Indigenismo.
Federica Domínguez Colavita, Gazapo de Gustavo Sainz: Tema y estructura.
James David Earnest, Spanish Translation of Beowulf: Or Pains of the Danes in Spain.
Wendy B. Faris, El arpa y la sombra by Alejo Carpentier "Prima della rivoluzione."
Ray Edward Johnson, Cultural Imperialism and Educational Centralism in Argentina.
Consuelo López de Villegas, Identity and Environment: Naipaul's Architectural Vision.
Klaus de Albuquerque, Rastafarianism and Cultural Identity in the Caribbean.
L. Howard Quackenbush, Pablo Neruda: Sus versos finales y últimos comienzos.
Plus: 5 poems, 2 short stories, 10 book reviews

Vol. X, No. 3 (Fall 1980) $5.00

Lynn Darrell Bender, The Perplexing Hemisphere, Getting Tough with Cuba--Again.
Enrique Fernández, Spain's Contribution to the Independence of the United States.
O. Ernest Moore, Haiti: The Tragic Island.
Juan Escalera Ortiz, Estilo, técnica y temática en La noche que volvimos a ser gente de José Gonzélez.
Wolfgang Binder, James Baldwin, an Interview.
Juan Clemente Zamora, The Impact of the New World on Spanish.
Millard Hansen, The Mystic Sense of Equality.
Rodney Karl Reading, The Renewal of Traditional Myth and Form in the Work of Antón Arrufat.
Antonio Alvarez Pedroso, Comentarios: Arnold Toynbee y la conquista del Perú.
Annemarie de Waal Malefijt, From Wajang Kulit to Rock-and-Roll in Surinam.
Ivette López, Animal fiero y tierno: Apuntes para una lectura.
Plus: 8 poems, 1 short story, 10 book reviews

Vol. X, No. 4 (Winter, 1980-81) $5.00

The Perplexing Hemisphere: Lynn Darrell Bender
Guest author, Roland I. Perusse, Barriers to Intercultural Communication in the Caribbean.
Guy T. Ashton, The Consequences of Town-City Circulation by Adolescent Yucatec Shoemakers.
Julio Sánchez, Aspectos sicoterapéuticos del Opelé: Un oráculo de la santería.
Constance García-Barrios, The Black in Literature about the Rosas Era.
Juan Quintana Quintana, La transescolarización.
Perry Mars, Race and Class as Determinants in the Political Process of the Caribbean: Some Methodological Issues.
Theodore S. Beardsley, Jr., Rumba-Rhumba: Problema internacional músico-léxico.
Celia F. Cintrón, La dinámica de la migración de regreso a Puerto Rico.
Plus: 4 poems, 1 short story, 1 review article, 7 book reviews